Hotel Sessions

State of Yoga is as well a concierge Yoga service source dedicated to meeting the ever-growing demand for healthy, balanced lifestyle options for our time-stretched customers.

All over the world, the innovative, leading, and raffinate hotels are offering yoga classes for their guests. Whether they want to try yoga for the first time or are an experienced practitioner who wants to continue their practice while traveling, the staff at the Hotel can arrange a private instructor for their guests.

Hotels in Miami work in collaboration with State of Yoga, and together arrange for the best and most qualified teacher to come to their guest’s room and offer a custom designed class specifically tailored to meet their needs. Guests can schedule their class right away so that they can get more enjoyment out of their trip. In addition, State of Yoga provides group lessons on a weekly basis and offer workshops through the hotel, for both guests and outside clients.

State of Yoga brings in a beautiful mix of styles from many different yoga systems (Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Pranayama, Meditation...). What this means for the students is that each class is created to address the needs of each student.

State of Yoga offers highly diversified classes that are well rounded. Classes are designed meet everyone’s physical, cardio-vascular needs as well as the overlooked need to relax and restore the body.

State of Yoga believe that from this more balanced state of well-being that everyone has the ability to more readily realize their true potential.