Turn your passion for practicing yoga into a passion for sharing yoga and explore the depth of the practice in a fun and supportive environment with Michelle Berlin and Sandrine Kamhi.

May 3rd 2019, State of Yoga will offer a transformative and comprehensive program designed for dedicated yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice as well as for those who wish to become teachers themselves. Our mission is to honor the science of yoga as a holistic process for you to create a lifestyle of health, happiness, and abundance.

The Deepen Your Practice immersion 1 Teacher Training program will introduce you to a strong foundational knowledge. With a deep respect for tradition, we will guide you on how to build a custom practice for yourself that keeps you exploring yoga beyond the mat. Building clarity in your own practice will give you a solid foundation for helping others to develop their own. The program will prepare you for our Immersion 2 Teacher Training so you can find your own voice as a yoga teacher.

This training includes:  

  • Asana: You will be immersed in a daily practice as well as practical sessions which focus on standing poses, forward bends, twists, backbends, inversions and balances, including in depth exploration of vinyasa, sequencing and alignment

  • Yoga philosophy: You will explore into the major yogic texts: The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, The Bhagavad Gita and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika   

  • Meditation: You will learn to meditate and practice meditation as well as learn how to teach meditation to others  

  • How to practice and teach healing, purifying, and detoxifying hatha yoga kriyas  

  • The importance of a clean, sattvic diet (balanced)

  • Physical and energetic anatomy of the human body  Philosophy, ethics and activism: how to live a more effective and positive life  

  • How to give hands on assists to students while they are practicing asanas  

  • Practice teaching: at the end of the immersion 2, you will have the skills to begin teaching yoga classes.

  • Nada Yoga (intro to sound healing for meditation)

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork

The Faculty

The program will be taught by Michelle Berlin and Sandrine Kamhi, along with guest teachers.

Course Schedule

Immersion 1: Deepen your practice (2 weekend

a month)

May 3-4-5, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

May 17-18-19, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

June 7-8-9, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

June 28-29-30 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

July 12-13-14,Friday, Saturday & Sunday

July 19-20-21, Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Immersion 2: Become a yoga teacher (3 weekend

a month)

October  4-5-6, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

October 18-19-20, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

October 25-26-27 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Nov 8-9-10,Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Nov 15-16-17, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Nov 22-23-24, Friday, Saturday & Sunday (immersion weekend retreat)


Days & Hours

Monday - Thursday: Yoga practice

Friday 6:30- 9:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm


  • Immersion 1, 100h  Accredited program (May 3- July 21) : $1800 *early bird $100 off before March 15

  • Immersion 22 (October 4- November 24) 100h  Accredited program: $1800 + immersion week-end retreat *early bird $100 off before August 15

  • Full program, Immersion 1 + 2 (May 3- November 24): $3500+ immersion week-end retreat *early bird $200 off before March 15

Non-refundable deposit of $600 due upon registration. The deposit, which will reserve your space in the training, is available online. The remaining balance payment, which can also be purchased online, is due by April 20. Payment plan available; for more information, please contact us at info@stateofyoga.com. Please note that there is a $50 administrative fee for payment plans.

Required Books

  • The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V Desikachar

  • The Bhagavad Gita

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translation and commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda

  • Hatha Yoga Prādīpikā

  • The Anatomy coloring book


Before your arrival at the course you need to:

• Have or establish a consistent yoga practice (preferably for at least 1 year)

• Submit full payment

• Complete the required reading

• Submit a signed Ethical Guidelines form and a signed Medical Information Form.